How to take body measurements.

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     Are you the queen of online shopping? Is filling your closet without leaving the sofa one of your favorite plans? If so, let’s see below, how How to take body measurements step by step and easily.

    Body measurements are the measures that our body has, in certain areas so that we can guide us in processes such as online shopping, diets or training and of course, when we need to make a piece of clothing precisely “tailored”.

     Body measurements are determined in areas that are the chest (or bust), the waist and the hips. 

    These would be the measures that are always usually taken but we can also perform body measurements of for example neck, arms and legs in the case of having to make a suit, or measure the centimeters of abdomen we have or thigh, or biceps, in the case of being someone who is training and wishes to know how it has evolved.

     To take the body measurements well, it will be enough to have a dressmaker’s measuring tape and measure the desired area but do we know how exactly this is done? We will explain it to you below.

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Steps to take body measurements:

     How to measure chest contour:

It is very important that the measurement is taken in the total contour of the bust through the area of ​​greatest volume (the center of the chest).

     How to measure arm circumference:

This measurement should be taken in the center of the biceps muscle, halfway between the elbow and the shoulder.

     How to measure waist circumference:

It should be taken with bare skin, in the narrowest part between the upper part of the hips and the base of the rib cage.

     How to measure hip circumference:

  1. We place the measuring tape just around the hips, closing this on one of the sides or in the center, without tightening too much.
  2. This is a type of measurement that can vary depending on who takes it since there are actually those who measure taking the measurement of the hips just below the waist and then there are those who take the measure at the point just above the width maximum side.

     How to measure the circumference of the thigh:

The thigh instead, contrary to what is thought, should not be measured in the center of the leg, but in the upper initial part, which most of the time, is also the largest.

Extra advice: Do not forget to maintain a natural, relaxed and balanced position while measuring yourself.

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