How to care for a cotton T-shirt and help it to last longer.

How to care for a cotton T-shirt
Four tips to care for a cotton T-shirt and help it to last longer.

How to care for a cotton T-shirt? It is essential to pay attention to cotton garments such as flannels or T-shirt, to keep them in perfect condition.

Washing is one of the points where you should be very careful, to avoid shrinking and, likewise, differentiate between removing stains on colored cotton clothes and removing stains on white cotton clothes, so as not to mix colors.

In this article, we explain in detail how to care for a cotton T-shirt.

Steps to follow for cotton T-shirts:

1. First of all, it should be noted that you can check if your T-shirt is made of cotton by looking at the label that the garment will carry. There you will find the composition and find out if it is a 100% cotton garment or the percentage of this fabric is lower and combined with others.

2. In the same way, the instructions and washing recommendations will appear on the label, which you should follow to avoid damaging your cotton T-shirt. Normally, these types of clothes resist very well the fact of being washed and can go to the washing machine. Even so, some aspects should be taken into account so as not to damage it.

3. Therefore, to take care of your cotton T-shirt, it is recommended to turn it over before washing it to prevent it from getting so worn and make it last longer.

This will be especially indicated for those T-shirts that have some pattern or sewn elements, as this will keep them in optimal conditions.

4. Although many cotton garments admit washing in hot water, it is necessary to pay attention and not wash them at high temperatures, because they can shrink and / or lose color.

Generally, it will also be possible to put them in the dryer after washing them, but we repeat that you should always check it in the washing instructions that appear on the label of each garment.

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